Martha Smith

August 28, 2016

When I moved to this area, seven years ago ,I had come from a Presbyterian church where I had been a member for 64 years. I immediately began searching for a church that was similar and traditional, like the one I had left. It was much more difficult than I had ever imagined! After searching online, I began visiting churches every Sunday morning. And even though I was told that it might be difficult, how true it was! The seventh church that I visited was St. Timothy. It just happened to be the churches' newly hired minister, Chuck Brown's first Sunday. After he finished his sermon he said, "I walked up the steps and into pulpit, looked out into the sanctuary, and I knew that I was home!"And I immediately said to myself, 'Me too, Chuck. Thank you God !! 'After all my searching, I was finally home. And I've never been sorry.

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