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Christmas Eve Service Dec. 24 10:30 am & 5 pm



CARINGBRIDGE  for  Houston Brown


Sharing God’s Love at Christmas

St. Timothy is excited to be able to share God’s love this Christmas season with a family from Central Junior High.  The family we are helping has a grandmother, mother and three children living in the home. The two boys, ages 13 and 15, attend Central Junior High.  The third child is a daughter who is 17.

We are also sharing God’s love with a family in Fort Worth.  They are friends with one of our church members.  In this home, we have 5 children ranging in age from 8-19.  There are four boys and one girl.

We will be collecting designated offerings in Sunday School and Worship services.  Please mark your gifts “Christmas Family”.  Once the money has been collected on the next two Sunday mornings, the Session and Pastor Kevin will purchase specific gift cards for each family.

mission trip to Jamaica

Our Preschool Director, Katie Stewart, is leading a mission trip to Jamaica on Christmas Day. She is collecting toiletries for children in seven different schools.  We are collecting all of the basics:  toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. Please bring these to the church between now and Christmas eve.