St. Timothy Pew News
Our NEED Volunteer Day Sept. 19 10:00 am – 12:30 pm &

12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Fall Craft Fair Oct. 14 All Day



There is a sign-up sheet on the church office window for all those who would like to participate in the liturgy on Sunday morning by reading scripture.  If you are interested, please sign up for the dates you can read.


Love & Care for Houston Brown

So many people have asked over and over – “What can we do to help?” We are uncertain how long Houston will be in the hospital – but, we know he needs his parents with him as he heals. Stephanie’s paid leave is completely depleted. So, here is a place we can help. Below is the link to a You Caring page where people can make donations directly to Houston and his family. Stephanie will have direct access to the money when she needs it – so that she can concentrate on taking care of Houston. Jodi and Kip Rush invite you to go to the You Caring site and give what you can and share with others who know and love Houston and his family.


Update on Houston Brown, he continues to be doing better. Houston has been taken off all sedatives except one for pain management. He is coughing a lot –  which is good. He opens his eyes when asked, and when they ask for a thumbs up he raises his arm. The hospital staff have talked to them about the possibility of moving Houston to Shepherd Rehab Hospital in Atlanta in the near future. They are waiting to hear if they have been accepted into that program. Your prayers are being felt! Many thanks!


City of Houston Disaster Donations

Many have asked about opportunities to help with the Houston disaster.  If you would like to help our churches in Houston, who, in turn, will help others, then here is your opportunity to give.


The Ministry Council of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church has announced that funds are being collected by our Missions Ministry Team and forwarded to our two churches in Houston to be used for Hurricane Relief.


Below is a link to the site with information about the fund. Individuals or churches may make donations.